Remember how you used to fantasise that you would change the world? And now, stranded somewhere in the vast, barren wastelands of suburbia, your life a bone-crushing monument to monotony and ordinariness, has the dream withered but NOT YET died? Is an infinitesimal part of you still waiting for the powerful, unseen forces of history to grab you and shove you to the very frontlines of a war between the righteous and evil?    

Well friend, that time has come. Here, in this unlikely outpost of the world wide web, is your chance. This blog is a call to arms …

Our species is breeding and feeding like crazy. Crazed nympho crazy. And the way we are turning the planet into a mega feedlot for humans is bad for uMama Earth and will, in the end, be bad for us. Very bad. Think Armageddon.

But there is a growing resistance movement – in possession of two potent weapons: knowledge and money. Here on the Just Good Graze blog, you will learn the true cost of cheap food and how to wield your money like a samurai eco-warrior. So, join us. Our enemies may mock us for pretending to like organic kale crisps and call us names like eco-morons, but that is because they are gutless COWARDS who will never know what it’s like to don a shimmering cape and emerald green tights, choke down the bile of fear and cynicism, along with the taste of organic kale crisps, and fight.         

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The propaganda war starts here.

P.S. If you’re just not in the mood for saving the world, you think capes are lame and you just want a little electro-blog therapy from a suburbiac, click here.