Bra Bonfires

Open Letter to Nicki Minaj, the boil on pop culture’s bum

Dear Nicki, I watched your Anaconda music video the other day, and although most of the soundtrack was drowned out by the cackling of the pack of nine to eleven year-old jackals at whose insistence I’d watched the thing, unfortunately it’s the visuals that I can’t unsee. So help me Nicki, I have been trying […]


Squeal like a chauvinist pig, boy

So, starting a new business, just hacking my way through the red tape with a sharpened machete, when yesterday I was presented with the CM27 form (click to enlarge it) Now I know what you’re thinking … You’re thinking that this a joke, right? A lame one. Like those instruction manuals on “how to be […]


Why Boardrooms are still as diverse as the men’s toilets

This article was originally featured on Women24 and another version in the Wits Business School Journal. The mother of all impediments to women’s quest for equality – and quality of life, for all In the so-called “mummy wars” fought in school car parks and beside jumping castles at kiddies parties, and of course, in the […]


Breeding in Captivity: 40 Things you will never have to do again after 40

An abridged version of this blog post first appeared as an essay in  a collection published by one of my publishers, Virago,  “Virago is forty”.  Download your free e-book here or from In the geography of a woman’s life, forty is a fault-line – that divides the oppressive age before, from the one that comes after. […]