Just Good Graze

Vivre Les Bees

Transcript of an interview with Conner James, former B-Force Resistance infantryman stationed in the soya plantations of Santa Fe, Argentina during the so-called Auschwitz-Spring of 2016 and only known survivor of Siege of San Jorge. [When I meet Conner, he is hunched at the back of an underground cavern, the rendezvous he has arranged. It […]


Letter to Woollies From a Fat Sow

Dear Woolworths, Finding myself with a little time on my trotters while lying here in my sow crate for my “confinement” (which I use in the Victorian sense in relation to expectant mothers and not in the literal sense of incarceration, captivity, imprisonment, bondage etcera), I thought I’d write to thank you personally for my […]