Suburban Survival

Suburban Survival – Weed Whacker Rage

This morning I sat down to write a blog post about the how to place your recyclables on your kerb for maximum shaming of your non-recycling neighbours, because I am a friend of the earth, but not of my neighbours. My thoughts, however, which at the best of times tend to be disorganised and/or possibly […]


It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

I hate my birthday. There, I said it. According to Facebook, everyone else wanders around all day long feeling “blessed” and “spoiled”. For the record, I do not feel “blessed”, because as you know, people who use words like “blessed” on Facebook posts, especially ones featuring children, should be blocked. Or shot. I will feel […]


The Boob Snackwich

This article was featured in The Sunday Times and All4Women So … There I am, my right cheek squashed against a perspex screen, my torso twisted at an awkward angle to my hips, my calf muscles quivering from a balancing en pointe for so long. “Can you just lean in a little more dear?” the […]


The lure of the stamp in the passport

I am off next week to Morocco. Casablanca, if you read between the lines of Lonely Planet, is twinned with the lavatories of Hades, whose list of redeeming features includes only the road out of it – which we shall be taking, south to the Sahara, which sounds almost as vintage Hollywood – Lawrence of […]