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Mug Shot Hi,

Welcome to the bloggerdome! Think of this as electro-blog therapy for all you suburbiacs like me. If you live somewhere where the lawns are wide and minds are narrow, where the madness of Super-Mommy-ism is epidemic, where the Sorbet at your local strip mall is offering a special on a bikini wax dictated by YouPorn, this is a place for you to unload, to laugh, bitterly, maybe to cry a little – but don’t worry, salt brine never ruined a glass of chardonnay.

You’ll find parenting hacks based on my cruel experiments on humans, get free lessons in bra-burning for wannabe lipstick feminists and prescriptions for middle age anxiety disorder. Speaking of which, it’s also the spiritual home of The Scheduled Drug Club, where I have chronicled for you my un-clinical drug trials which I am conducting. I’m a lab rat, in dark sunglasses. You’re welcome. To be fair, if you’re the type of person that says stuff like, “What if they prescribed Prozac less, and nature more?” this is not the blog for you. Otherwise, go grab yourself a mug of Nespresso – let’s face it, the sole reason most of our tribe are still alive – and settle in.

Please comment and share – this is a support group and I don’t want to be the only one spilling my guts here. If you’re not in the mood for over-sharing yourself, and you can be arsed, please click on the little heart if you enjoyed a post, or share it on Facebook – and like my page while you’re there! Or tweet it. Or pin it. I’ll use the law of attraction to make it go viral, because my thoughts control the universe like that. Okay, I’ll stop. Go get your mug of caffeine to amp you up for your crash course in suburban survival.





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