Welcome to Just Good Graze, the propaganda machine in this war against farmageddon. I know what you’re thinking; “Oh please, don’t patronise me; I ain’t signing up for being emotionally black-mailed by some organic kale crisp munching armchair slacktivist out for a self-righteous wank at my expense. Take your pointless doom-mongering and shove it up your organic waste chute.”     

Woah, man, a little harsh. What you can’t yet know is this: Not all of us slacktivists are slumped in our armchairs shovelling organic kale chips into our mouths while banging away on our keyboards. First of all, some of us don’t even pretend to like organic kale crisps, and second of all, the posts on food and farming that follow actually are the cape and tights of the new millennium – and when you try ’em, OMG yes, you’re gonna find out that you secretly like ’em.  

Letter to Woollies From a Fat Sow

Dear Woolworths, Finding myself with a little time on my trotters while lying here in my sow crate for my “confinement” (which I use in the Victorian sense in relation to expectant mothers and not in the literal sense of incarceration,...

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